Final Fantasy Exercise Challenge

Week 003

Friday, December 9th to Thursday, December 15th
Starting Weight : 220.8 lbs
Game : Final Fantasy IV
Starting Total TPKs: 0


I’m starting to get disheartened by the lack of progress towards my goal. I recognize that day-to-day weight fluctuations are normal, but I am beginning this week at the exact same weight I started at despite eating less and exercising more.

I have been attempting to keep an exercise/diet regimen that is sustainable, but I think I need to increase the intensity or the lack of progress will make it hard for me to motivate myself to continue.

In other news, I purchased two new pieces of exercise equipment : an exercise bike and a treadmill that isn’t on its last legs. The treadmill displays its speed digitally, which is nice (the old one just had a knob to turn speed up or down, and no display.


…Starting Weight: 220.8
…Time : 1.25 hrs
…TPKs : 0

Got the Karate Master. Spent a long time debating which real life person to cast in his role; eventually decided to go with the person who would look the most amusing continuing to move his mouth after he finished speaking. Did some grinding. Saved outside of Fabul.

…Starting Weight: 221.6
…Time : 5:50 hrs
…TPKs : 0

I was very sad after seeing my weight today. I had exercised 2.5 hours yesterday and instead of losing anything, I have gained more than a pound. In the game, I got to the Dark Elf cave.



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